Jubilee Heights Roof Garden refreshed


The roof garden is available for the peaceful enjoyment of Jubilee Heights residents and their guests. The flowers and shrubs have been planted by members of the Jubilee Heights and Cedar Lodge Freehold Committee for the pleasure of everyone who uses the garden. Please help us to look after this lovely shared space.

Residents and their guests are responsible for ensuring that they do not cause any damage to the roof garden or behave in such a way as to become a nuisance to other residents using the garden or to residents whose flats overlook the gardens.



Hours of Use & Rules:

The roof garden should not be used after 11pm.

  1. The access code is available on request from the concierge.
  2. Guests must be accompanied by a resident.
  3. Children under the age of 16 must be under constant adult supervision while on the roof garden.
  4. Please do not move the furniture or the plant tubs.
  5. Please take great care not to damage the plants, plant tubs or furniture.
  6. For the safety of all, please take any necessary precautions to prevent causing anything to blow, bounce or drop off the roof.
  7. The roof garden is not designed for athletic/sporting use so please refrain from vigorous physical activity when using it.
  8. The playing of music is not permitted on the roof garden.
  9. The use of cooking equipment, including grills/barbecues of any kind, is not permitted.
  10. Residents are welcome to bring food and drinks to the roof garden for their personal use and are responsible for removing everything they bring (including garbage) when they leave.
  11. Smoking is not allowed on the roof garden.
  12. No pets are allowed onto the roof garden.
  13. No parties are allowed on the roof garden.
  14. Residents must shut the roof door upon leaving the roof garden.
  15. Residents and their guests use the roof garden at their own risk.
  16. Any problems involving the communal roof garden should be addressed to the concierge in the first instance.