Planning Application Meeting

There will be an application meeting on 26th August in Brent Council (Wembley Park) regarding the proposed construction of a block North of Jubilee Heights.

After the developer and the officer have amended few new points, we wish to seek more help from more residents and add more comments on the Brent council website.

The more attendees we have, it will show the planning committee that there are more people object this development.

Ivy Yeung, resident of Jubilee Heights, made the following comments on the report:


Ref: From Planning officer in another report on 26th July

“It is understood that during the timescale of the current application residents have purchased the freeholder of the wider site. While the concern of residents regarding the previous development within the site are obviously understood, any issues with the previous freeholder cannot be considered as relevant to the considered as relevant to the consideration of this application which needs to be determined on its individual planning merits.”

However, the individual planning merits has to be Legal and there are the points that we need to concern:


a) Car Parking legal space – from my understanding the car parking spaces are not the ‘misunderstanding’, the leaseholder paid to purchase the space with a proper lease contract. And the Freeholder hasn’t solved the legal status with the car parking space leaseholders.

(P.S. I am fully disappointed that the planner officer can put down as ‘Misunderstanding of space allocation’, which is completely wrong! and this statement has appeared already at the end of May in Trinity’s email record.)

The planning committee might not fully concern the legal points of view. However it can lead to the Lack of Space.

Lack of Space

There will be NO APPROVAL from the new freeholders (us) as there will be more development that need to do in the site (e.g cannot widen the vehicular exit or build more space for the bin storage). Resulting less space for public or individual to use and it needs to re-calculate the ‘capacity use of space’ in order to define the acceptable density of space. The planner’s calculation is incorrect as it doesn’t calculate the bin storage area in the car park.

The damage of wall structure

strong request the developer to sign the ‘party wall agreement’ and ‘consider constructors scheme’ (followed by the officers comments)

In addition, as we owed the Jubilee Heights building, the new building cannot touch our wall. In addition, there is a crack from the building, it will caused more serious building damage if they build align on JH building.

Please we need more support from the residents and if there is any questions e.g. timetable of the meetings and further information, feel free to contact me via email or mobile 07479391531.

Many thanks,